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Recording with Andy Newmark in the UK

In June 2019, Josh Krigg (b.1978) put his guitar in a car and drove from Amsterdam to the countryside of England, heading to Rimshot Studio in Sittingbourne, Kent, where he spent two days recording with the legendary drummer Andy Newmark (John Lennon, George Harrison, Pink Floyd, Sly & The Family Stone, David Bowie, Roxy Music…) and the sound engineer Mike Thorne.

Background and Influences

Josh has been writing and recording music with different projects since 1995, including Skate AranhaBode Preto and theater related projects under the moniker Zula System. By May 2016 he started to devote himself to creating music influenced by long-time heroes, such as The Everly Brothers, John Lennon, and João Gilberto. On the 20th of December 2019 was release the first of eleven tracks recorded with Andy Newmark. Home Again (03:39), a song about finding a peaceful state within that feels like home. Now it's time to release the second single entitled Calm Down, My Brother! (3:35), a song written in 2018 but very apropriated to the year of 2020. The message is to keep calm and to search ways to tune oneself from within.

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Tech List: Calm Down, My Brother! (feat. Andy Newmark)

Josh Krigg - vocals, guitars, keyboards and bass; Andy Newmark - drums. Recorded in between June, 2019 and March, 2020 at Rimshot Studio, UK and Atlantis Studio, Brazil. Produced and mixed by Josh Krigg at Atlantis Studio. Mastered by Michael Hateley at Lotus Mastering Studio, Los Angeles, USA. Artwork by Vulcan. Original logo by Christophe Szpajdel.

Andy Newmark and Josh at Rimshot Studio, UK - June 2019.
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Artist: Josh Krigg

Release type: Single 

Title: Calm Down, My Brother! (feat. Andy Newmark) (03:35) 

Release Date: 24th of April, 2020 

Label: Zeekingztar Records

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Josh at Rimshot Studio, Kent, UK  2019.
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